Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Colorado Vacation -Durango

We arrived at historic Durango. Some people say that it is the Colorado version of Flagstaff. I agree, but maybe cooler. The first thing we did was go grocery shopping at the City Market. We then walked around Durango to check it out. We went into a couple of sports stores to get a hydration bag and a stuff sack, since I accidentally left mine at home. One of the bike stores mentioned a trail called Hermosa creek, but since we didn't know where it was we didn't get much info on it. We did get the low down on a good place to eat. This place called Carvers Brewery had really good natural food. I had fish tacos, and Kristi had a fish salad. It was better than it sounds. We did some more walking around and came across a Theatre. We are always interested in what other theatres are doing. We read an article posted outside that this particular Melodrama Theatre was performing its last season in its location at the historic hotel. Apparently the owner of the hotel was not including the theatre in its future plans, after 48 years. Typical. We bought tickets for the evening performance. Now that we had plans to go the theatre we were in desperate need of a shower. Fortunately, there was a campground in close proximity. We showered then went for a walk along the Animas River and watched the rafters and kayakers. The kayakers were impressive. They were practicing rolling over, not just sideways, but were actually diving forward into the wave catching the front of the kayak. This would roll them into a frontward roll. Cool stuff. We thought about going on a quick river trip, but decided it would be on another visit. We ate again at the brewery, then walked to the Theatre. The play was an Irish melodrama, full of love triangles, and deceit. After the melodrama, the actors performed skits in the vaudevillian style but with contemporary themes. We enjoyed the theatre thoroughly and thought the melodrama was a nice change of pace. We especially enjoyed the vaudeville acts at the end. Fun stuff, and the place was almost sold-out. At pre-show and intermission the actors sold drinks and snacks, even delivered them to small tables we were sitting at. It appeared that the theatre was doing well, and that a cash cow like that would be able to perpetuate. I guess it's all in the location. I like to think that much like a frog is a bio-indicator of how stable an environment is, theatre is a bio-indicator for the arts. If a community is doing well, it's Theatre arts are also going to do well. Unfortunately just as the frog is disappearing, so is Theatre. We are in a sad state of affairs in this world. To what end ...? The evening came to a close and we again found ourselves looking to the side of the road for National Forest access. We found one in between Durango and Silverton and hastily pulled onto a somewhat level spot. We went to sleep immediately.

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