Friday, November 23, 2007

House Update

Here are the pictures of the nearly completed house. It was a lot of work. Kristi was a huge help, I couldn't have done it with out her. We installed the tile ourselves, with a little mosaic in the middle of each room. The floor is recycled using the best wood removed from the floor from around the house. We barely had enough to finish the job. We planed, sanded, and wood filled and sanded, and filled, and poly coated, and sanded, and poly coated for 4 days straight. We recycled the old trim from around the old windows and used it for baseboards. The French door to the bedroom was from a local recycler as well. We saved a bunch of money by buying pre-made un-finished cabinets in the kitchen. I custom made the cabinet next to the fridge to match, saving me about $500. Paint and caulk finished it off.


Lindsay said...

Aww! I miss that house! It's inspiring that you did all that work yourself, recycled so much material and made it look (from the pics, at least) professional. You rock.

Anonymous said...

OhMyGodWade!!!....Your Home looks absolutely beautiful!!!...I am so friggin impressed and in awe here!!!...Kristie must be so happy that its finished!!!...Us women hate everything everywhere....Good I'm gonna go read the trips you two take every now and then....