Monday, January 25, 2010

The Reveal

It's starting to get a little cool outside, but we're ready for any weather. After calling in a few favors, the shingles were installed by an official roofer. Now we could concentrate on the inside. We had to dis-connect the electrical, and go through a whole rig-a-marole to get it hooked back up, including multiple inspections, and a roundy-round with the power company about their installing a faulty wireless electric meter.

If you wait long enough, and buy when things are on sale you can save 20%. This is what we did. We bought cabinets, flooring, and appliances all on sale. Then installed them.

The last thing we did after installing the flooring and painting non-stop was finding a heater. I wanted a high efficient furnace, since I have one in my main house and love it. I contacted a few contractors and got estimates from $3500-$5000 not including duct work and utility rough-in. My family, being frugal, was going to find a work-around. Sure enough my Mom notified me of an unused furnace that had been exposed to the elements at a local home recycling store for $250. It was the minimum size for the house, and high efficient, and best yet still under warranty! I had the installation instructions left over from the last furnace, and being the same brand I installed it myself. My Dad had the air box made, and I had to order some missing parts. I got it all hooked up and the new gas line inspected....then tried to fire it up and .... nothing. The guy I got the parts from was a certified warranty specialist for that brand furnace. He came out with a replacement circuit board, and for a $40 after hour service call BAM! we have heat. Please note the new programmable thermostat below. (This was a huge victory to me by the way) Thanks MOM & DAD!

I used my old cabinets from my kitchen, painted them to match the bathroom cabinet. I had a little bit left over from the kitchen counter top and used it. My parents found some reconditioned laundry appliances at a local repair shop and I bought them early on and stored them at my work.

Now were done! I posted the above photos on Craigslist and in a week found a renter, ready to move in December first!

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