Thursday, August 14, 2014

VW Camper in Spring Snow in Sedona

Kristi and I wanted to play tourist here locally and visit destinations in Sedona and the Verde Valley for spring break. We had discovered this cool spot among the Red Rocks and Native ruins about nine miles down a dirt road. We knew that there was a storm front coming in, but weren't concerned thinking that it would just rain. We had no idea Sedona was expecting snow. Indeed the rain began about midnight and pounded us while we slept. We awoke to absolute silence. I flung the door open to discover about 5 inches of snow on top of the already muddy ground. Completely unprepared for these conditions, I promptly got the van stuck. Using the only tool I had in the arsenal, a small spade, I shoveled the campsite to the road in hopes that if I got there we'd have enough traction to continue driving. Backing the van like it was a front wheel drive car, I managed to avoid the ditch and get to the main dirt road. It was a little touch and go fish tailing and all, but eventually we got to the pavement. When we got to Sedona proper we discovered the highway back to Flagstaff was closed. With snow still falling in buckets, we decided to drive around and capture this rare event in such an iconic location.

Red Rock Spires & Snow

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