Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Jupiter- The Pop Top story

Finally after months of mechanical repairs I can take it safely on a road trip. About this time I had been scouring the internet on myriad ways to spend money on outfitting the van. I knew I wanted a poptop.  We loved the poptop in the Vw, and we loved sleeping up there. The cost of taking the van to California and having SMB install a top was more than half of what I paid for the van. Plus I knew I could install it myself for less. I also had considered getting a top from Colorado Camper vans. But, remember, I'm cheap.  I had seen build threads that had old conversion van high tops customized to pop.  I had also seen where Spurious of this forum had installed a Eurovan pop top.  His didn't have sleeping up there, it was mostly for headroom. I knew I wanted to be able to sleep up there, so I started making calls, and searches.  There's not much here in Flagstaff as far as recycling yards, and not one Vw Eurovan with a top in the state. I found one in California, but it was sold.  There was another one outside of Denver, but they won't ship!   They sent me pictures.  It was the one piece Westfalia conversion with a bed! (I think it was called the Weekender)   The two piece Winnebago for the full camper conversion I didn't think was going to work.  Perfect. Erie Colorado....Road trip!  So the plan was to take the dog, drive through Moab, up over Vail pass, and down into Denver,  pick up a Uhaul trailer, go to the junk yard, pick up the top, and drive back home through Albuquerque.

I grabbed this pic from Moab. I didn't do much off roading, but  the van rode really well, and handled nicely going through a snow storm over Vail pass.  When I got to Erie, Google sent me on a wild goose chase trying to find the wrecking yard for two hours.  Here's what I found when I got to Blake's Auto Salvage. The ideal Bat-campmobile! 

No no not what I came for...... but it's sooo coool.

This is what I came for:


A poptop off a 93 VW Eurovan Weekender. I rummaged around to see if there was anything else I could salvage from the van. It was pretty junked. 

Here they're just about to cut the roof off at the pillars.  It took us three guys, but we were able to stuff it in Jupiter with the passenger front seat out. Roof, bed, sheet metal and all. I didn't need the trailer! Good saved me another $300 bucks!  Super nice people there at Blakes.  I got it home after 2 days of driving and used an engine hoist to pick it out of the van.

Up next....  slicing & dicing the roof....

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