Saturday, May 23, 2015

Van Build: Q&A

There are some questions out there from others that are attempting to install a Westy top. The first question was: What were the exact dimensions and measurements of the opening, bolting positions and fabricated reinforcements. I'm not going to say these measurements are exact, so I encourage you to perform your own measurements and double check. Measure 15 times, cut once. This is the opening diagram measured from the opening of the Donor Eurovan roof. Note the measurements are in Standard, rather than Metric. This will help with cutting the opening.

This next image measured the bolting positions of the bolt holes in the donor Eruovan roof. This will help to know where to drill and install the nutserts, or nuts to bolt the pop top to the van.

This next image is of the inner reinforcement used to span the floppy roof and reinforce it to the top inner van side. The metal was 1/16" thick. Note the measurements, and angles written on the metal mock up. The passenger side piece had to be cut and re-bent to take in consideration the un-uniform angles over the side cargo doors. This was done during the installation. Some other tidbits of information: Not pictured here is a mock up of the bed reinforcement. It was a z channel 8 feet long, and 2 inches wide at both sides and one inch tall. The striker for the front latch had to be lengthened to fully extend down to the latch. I lengthened the striker by cutting another bolt, then sectioning the striker bolt. This was done by cutting a notch in the length with a die grinder, and welding the seam down the notch. You can then adjust the length of the striker by screwing it in or out. There are seat belt anchors in the upper reinforcement. I drilled holes in the roof reinforcement during the installation, and bolted the fabricated pieces up there to hold it while I welded it. I also left the bolts in. The front seat belts had to be bolted through the metal as well. Hope this helps.

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