Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Colorado Vacation- Creede

The next morning we enjoyed the scenery once again. There was a little dock at the lake that went to an island. After I used the facilities at the dock I walked around to check it out. I could see spending more time there, maybe in the future. We had only three days left until we had to be back home. When I'm on vacation, I can't help auditioning other towns to move to. Not like I would actually move there, but you can't help thinking "I could live here." A lot of Colorado is like that, especially the little towns in the mountains. Lake City and Creede are towns we could at least spend summers at. Just beautiful. The drive over the pass from Lake City was beautiful. We passed an interpretive sign. There was as turn-off to an historic site. Apparently there was a massacre there. Evidently there was a party that had been stranded in the snow, and some party members were killed to feed other party members. Similar to the Donner party of Donner pass fame, but the Donner party, some had died from exposure. Not so here. They were murdered then eaten. We kept driving because neither of us were hungry... We chugged over the pass with ease. We stopped at the top at a view point. More prettyness. As we were coming down the other side we came upon a waterfall. We let the dogs out and took some pictures. Another interpretive sign described ruins found here from an ancient indian culture. This was the site of the oldest culture at the highest altitude. They were hunting giant buffalo. Next on the road was a sea of RV parks. I have never seen so many RV parks so close together. It was RV park after RV park. Motor homes stacked so close together they looked like Legos. I can't understand why people would buy these huge motor coaches, then park it 5 feet away from a sea of other ones. I do understand that there is probably a community feeling, especially one that incorporates members from the same age bracket and economic background, but geeze. I wouldn't like being packed together like sardines surrounded by a vast wilderness. I have always been an escapist though, and Kristi is one too. Maybe that is one reason we get along so well together. Enough of my rambling. We arrive at Creede and at first sight there were a mess of run down trailers. But once we arrived downtown, we discovered how cute the town is. The town was situated next to a canyon, with a little river running through it. We found a parking place off the main drag. We thought we would only have lunch here, but once we started walking around we discovered Creede Repertory Theatre. They had six shows running through-out the whole summer. After reviewing the shows, we decided which show we hadn't seen, and wanted to. It so happened they were playing that particular show at the matinee. It was a fantasy called "To Fool an Eye." It was about a delusional prince and his muse, who had died. He had built a replica of the town where he had spent 3 days with her. The prince's mother discovered a girl that looked like the muse. They had to re-create the entire encounter completely. The girl had to play the part of the muse to his satisfaction. Anyway the Prince becomes less delusional, and the girl falls in love yada yada yada. Happily ever after. I was rather amazed that this theatre would survive so far away from any major city. Especially six shows per season. The reason the the converted movie theatre was still in existence was probably because of all the summer vacationers, ie. RV park campers. So, all those RV parks surrounding the town of Creede were responsible for perpetuating this special little theatre in the Colorado mountains. This theatre was professional, and of course underwritten by several large national corporations like Pfizer. Amazing that Flagstaff can be so deprived, and a remote puny town could have so much culture. After the show we pushed on toward Pagosa Springs. We passed another waterfall off the side of the road then over Wolf Creek pass. Our destination was on the far side of Pagosa Springs where there was supposed to be a natural hot pool in the Piedra River. Passing through town with ponderosa pines, and a Farfield resort probably reminded me the most of Flagstaff than any town so far. Just outside of Pagosa the Bus died. It sputtered, chugged, and we coasted to a stop. I knew what was wrong. VW in their infinite wisdom tried to protect the metal in the fuel tank with a protective coating. This protective coating ends up serving no purpose but to flake off and plug up the fuel filter. We got the bus started and sputtered back to Pagosa to find a parts store. They were closed, since it was late. I rapped on the fuel filter and shook it. Somehow I dis-lodged the debris, and it started running fine again. We continued to the trail head down a washboard road. It was pretty dark when we arrived, and seeing all the people camping in the parking lot we kept driving a little bit and found a level spot to sleep.

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