Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I am excited to announce that I have a new web site dedicated to the best of the best of my photos. I have put them in a smug mug gallery linked to my dedicated website. For only $60 for two years I can have a web address, free hosting and a gallery. I decided to ramp up my photography and see if I can make my hobby pay for itself. So far, so good. I chose the name Agassiz Imaging for my 'company' name, as well as the domain name. The name comes from Louis Agassiz who was a French naturalist, that came to the US to teach. He then became renowned for his work on fossilized fishes. The Agassiz name has been given to many landmarks around here such as one of the local peaks of the San Francisco Peaks, and a street that's a block away from my house. It seemed a fitting name, better than Wade photo, or Thorson imaging. With out any further ado... check out the link over there to the right ---------------->
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