Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Construction Update

Well, its back to work on the house. I hate having unfinished projects looming over my head ( literally ). Its been two years since I built the new roof and "attic" space and I am determined to finish it. This project seems like it's taking forever. The rental house was done in 8 months, but I figure it went so fast because I'm not living there, plus I had a bunch of help from my Dad. My dad still helps, but there are so many steps to finishing. I needed the extra time to think, though. I wasn't sure where to put the stairs, and what layout I wanted. At first I thought I could make two bedrooms and a bathroom up there. It turned out that the stairs would have taken up too much room, and left two small and disjointed bedrooms, and a really small bathroom. I thought about having a spiral staircase, but realized there would be the same issues, plus you can't get furniture up one of those. Too bad. I really liked spiral staircases. After some more thinking I finally decided to make the whole bedroom a giant master suite. Our trip to Cancun piqued our interest to the possibility of having a totally open feel to the whole space. On one of our 4 hour tours ( the time share sales pitch) we visited a highrise resort with marble everything, and a view of the ocean from every corner of every room. You could see from the shower past the vanity and over the living room to the bright white beach, and light blue sea. Although we wouldn't be using marble, I designed the stair case behind the shower, and made it that we could see through the bedroom to the outside balcony. I also put a window in the back of the shower to let more light through. I put the vanity in one dormer, the toilet room in the opposite dormer, and some dressers in the other two. The design left a large space in front of the bed perfect for a small entertainment center and small recliner. It really maintains the large bright and airy feel to the master bedroom. I spent a lot of time looking around town for all the flooring. I chose some dark bamboo for the main room, and some travertine porcelin tile for the bathroom and shower. I pretty much had to special order everything. I also decided to finish off the stairs in bamboo, oak and wrought iron. We made the old spare bedroom an office-stairway-kitchen extension. The old master bedroom is now the guest bedroom-office. We moved the bedroom upstairs in October, and soon realized once it started to get cold that the furncace cold air return was way too loud, and had to re-route it downstairs. It made more sence there anyway, since it was down lower to the cold air. In late November after Thanksgiving we came back to a water leak. I shut the upstairs water off, and waited until the next weekend to find and fix the leak. I cut holes in dry wall, pulled up flooring and turned on the water. No leak. I waited 24 hours. No leak. I still don't know where the leak was. I guess the house missed having so many water leaks it sprung one for a short time, then fixed itself. Hmm. Hopefully the next house update you see will be with the finished shower. Then there are the plans for the kitchen/breakfast bar rennovation......

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