Sunday, December 26, 2010

CANCUN! Arriba!

We were so burnt out from all the work we have done we needed a vacation. Although there was an enormous amount of work to do on the main house, it was time for a break. As luck would have it, my parents gave me a weeks worth of their time-share for Christmas. We were at
Richard (Dick) Long's place in Tucson for the holiday, with the time share book in hand and I saw Cancun. I had always wanted to visit the ancient pyramids of the Yuccatan peninsula, and made the call. Who knows, the bad economy, and problems along the border might work in our favor. Bam! We had reservations at an all inclusive resort right on the water for Spring Break!. I bought tickets on-line with my frequent flier miles racked up from all the house purchases. A luxury vacation on a budget dime. Woo hoo!

We flew in to Cancun at night. They arranged a van to pick us up at the air port, and we checked in to our huge suite.
Oceanside pool.
Yahat docks
Palms and beaches.

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